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Many parents believe that getting the right prescription lens for their children is the top priority when they visit optical shops. However, they overlook the importance of kids’ frames, which can also affect their children’s eyesight. So, if your little ones need prescription eyeglasses to achieve perfect vision, it is important that you help them pick out a pair that comes in the right frames.

1. Choose the right material

When considering the material for your kid’s eyeglass frames, go for ones that are lightweight and stable so that your kids feel comfortable when wearing their eyeglasses. 

2. Springy options

Spring hinges allow eyeglass temples to flex outward, away from the frames without breaking. This in itself is perfect for active kids, especially those who play sports.

Typically used in place of screws, spring hinges provide a secure springy effect which prevents the eyeglasses from falling apart. In the long run, they help you save on expensive repairs and frequent trips to the optician to get your child’s glasses adjusted. Spring hinges are also recommended if your child has a tendency to fall asleep wearing their glasses.

3. Comfort is key

Some kids may not feel comfortable wearing their eyeglasses due to the discomfort on the nose bridge, ears, and the weight of the eyewear. Thus, choosing a lightweight pair of frames is definitely a key tip when it comes to your child’s eyeglasses. This will go a long way in helping to make it easier for them to wear their eyeglasses for long periods of time on a daily basis.

Currently there is a lack of specialty designed & constructed children frame to catered to their everyday behavior and activities. 

We have the eye wear solution to meet the different lifestyle needs and demands for kids.

Eyelet Junior

You may ask how Eyelet Junior stands out does from other eyewear for my kids? The answer is in its Construction Technology

  1. Unique frame construction that forms the frame-front to the temple provides a good and firm grip on Junior’s face
  2. Eyelet is made from high-tensile strength stainless steel to enhance the elasticity of the frame
  3. The Stainless steel at the frame-front ends are compressed and compacted by unique process to create a reliable and springy effect to maintain a good grip on the face
  4. The construction of Eyelet Junior eliminates the use of screws and soldering, creating a safer eye wear for the juniors!

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