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Sports are not only about fun and games, it is also a form of exercise. Playing sports is an enjoyable way for kids to exercise and relax. As a parent, it is natural that your concern is whether active involvement in sports can cause long-term eye damage to your child like eye injury or blindness. You will not want something drastic happening to your child while he is enjoying his favourite sport.

According to various studies in Canada, it is postulated that sports eye injuries are a large contributor to vision damage in children. Supporting evidence also claims that most of these sports-related eye injuries occur during pre-adolescence.

It was also discovered that the most common eye injury from sports is from ball and bat sports. Injuries from ball sports like basketball occurs from a direct hit to the eye or being elbowed when aiming for a shot or rebound.  Injuries from bat sports like baseball have a lesser contact in between humans, but fast-speed balls, when hit on the eye, could result in severe eye damage.

While injuries during sports are inevitable, there are ways to reduce the probability of them occurring to your child. Firstly, wearing protective glasses or safety goggles are the go-to methods for eye protection during sports events. You can also check out your nearest Nanyang Optical outlet for eyewear that are suitable for playing sports too. Our friendly staffs are more than happy to consult you. Secondly, in sports such as baseball and hockey, helmets with full face protection are always recommended for eye protection as flying pucks and balls at high speeds have been known to cause permanent eye damage. Lastly, protective glasses made of polycarbornate material are strongly recommended as they are lightweight but sturdy enough not to shatter easily.

While Nanyang Optical may not offer sports-specialised glasses, COOSH may serve as a handy alternative. Lightweight and durable, COOSH makes the perfect companion for rough and tough situations. Interested? Find out more here!