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Similar to frames, spectacle lenses also play an important part in adding touch to your overall look. If you are curious on how it does, do continue reading!


Usually, lenses for the short sighted and far sighted tend to distort the way others see their eyes. Eyeglasses for the farsighted use glass convex lens that are thick which allows the image a wearer is looking at to appear closer allowing the eye to focus properly. This can cause their eyes to appear larger and look like they are bulging out.


As for the short-sighted, they use concave lens that make their eyes look smaller and their facial contours appear narrower behind their glasses. These effects are undesirable as they give the wearers unattractive profiles.


This is where you can opt for high index lenses. High index lenses reduce the amount of magnification or minimization that occurs to your eyes as they are thinner than conventionally manufactured lenses and are less concave. It is made of plastic material which can guarantee a natural look with comfort. With thinner and less concave lenses, your eyes will neither stand out too much nor look like it had shrunk, thus further enhancing your overall appearance.


You can also opt for tinted lenses to change your general aesthetic. Tinted lenses are lenses that are coloured. With the wide variety of colours like blue, yellow and pink, you can choose any kinds of colour to personalize your own look and create your own style.


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