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Suits and ties always give off an impression of looking professional. When choosing an eyewear to pair with your suit and tie, it is important to choose a design that gives off a confident, sharp look, not just for your business clients but for high-key events as well. Remember, glasses or not, its all about the overall aesthetic! Here are some wardrobe tips for you guys:  


The Classic

What makes a good suit look good? We believe it’s timeless design. Lucky for you guys, the traditional black suit can easily be paired with a minimalistic-styled spectacle frame. However, if you’re looking to spice things up a little, frame shapes such as ovals and tortoiseshell work well too! Colour-wise, you stand to look unique with colours like gold and brown. However, if you want to stay on the safe side, try silver and black!


The Laid-Back

Linen suits usually give off a relaxed vibe, given the nature of the look and the suit itself. If you intend to get that professional-look edge through a linen suit, solid rectangular spectacle frames that are dark in colour strike a good balance. Another approach would be to amplify the ‘contemporary’ feel, by using almond-shaped frames. That way, everyone would know your suit choice was that of an accessory choice, rather than for a formal event.



Blazers are generally made of soft jersey materials and are a more ‘comfortable’ alternative to suits. But who says you can’t look formal and sharp while feeling comfortable? Thin or rimless frames would do the trick with blazers, so much so sometimes you’d forget you are even wearing spectacles!


Here at Nanyang Optical, we believe spectacles are not just that – they can actually be an extremely versatile item. Interested in more spectacle-based fashion tips? Read more here!