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Calling all BMT Recruits! Is it true that one of your biggest concerns during training is keeping your spectacles from sliding off your face an onto the concrete floor of the parade square? Don’t worry, we understand your pain. Don’t give up hope just yet! We have a couple of handy tips to help you ensure a stable frame on your face during those rigorous workouts!


As minute as they may be, did you know that nose pads are actually detrimental in preventing your glasses from falling off your face? For an added grip, try adding nose pads made out of silicone! Given the ‘sticking strength’ of the material, they are perfect for ensuring your spectacles don’t slowly slide off your nose. No more having to adjust your spectacles with your finger!

Temple Arms

Being the main component, which keeps your spectacles set in place, the temple arms ‘hook’ themselves behind your ear lobe. Similarly, a possible solution to slippery spectacles are adding foam bits to the ends of your frame’s temple arms. A more ‘makeshift’ method would be to use rubber bands or hair ties around the earpiece where it sits just behind the ears. Not only it is simple, it can also be added and removed conveniently.

What if you’d rather not do with DIY methods like these? Fret not, that’s what COOSH is for! Designed mainly for NSFs, COOSH promises to be your trusty partner on your 2-year journey of footdrills, marches and push-ups. It embodies components that are meant to withstand the rigor of National Service, and what’s more, enlistees get a complimentary pair of lens on top of their entitled subsidy for purchase of spectacles. Not convinced? Check out just how well COOSH is tailored to your NS needs here!