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Do you feel that your pair of spectacles make you look old? That may be the case if you’ve been wearing the same spectacles for a decade. Be it sunglasses, reading glasses or general purpose ones, here are some tips for frames that you can use to shave some years off your face, allowing for a youthful outlook!  



In order to make your face look youthful, baby blue is one of the go-to colours. The light shade of blue makes your eyes stand out, similar to how eyeliner and eyeshadow work. Gold is also a colour to look out for. Although marketed as ‘timeless’ the bright hue of gold allows one to accentuate their facial features, not just their eyes. Be sure to go for lighter gold tones, however, not dull ones!



Surprisingly enough, the shape and tone of your lens also play a part in amplifying facial features. For women sunglasses, you may want to try cognac colour lenses. The ‘yellow-brown’ tone of the lens – although a dull colour in general – adds some unique life to the everyday black aviators, being slightly more interesting. For lens shapes, curvature establishes a level of ‘experimental boldness’ in one’s choice, as compared to the conventional flat lens.



Last but not least, frames are one of the most integral components when styling your face through spectacle design. Tortoiseshell frames are in-trend now, especially amongst youths, so you may want to hop on the bandwagon. Apart from that, thick frames for sunglasses work well as the larger proportions add width and balance to your facial structure.


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