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Over the years, the myopic rate in Singapore has been rising steadily. Yet, our Singaporean Sons continue going for NS with the same infamous black spectacles.

After years of dedicated research and hard work, our team’s vision to change the way NSFs go through their service and training has finally reaped its rewards in our revolutionary Coosh.

Made with NSFs in mind, we were determined to change their training experiences with those black frame spectacles that have been used since decades ago.

Our innovative spring coil design is the first of its kind to be patented for use in eyewear, in the world. Its “spring back” technology allows for a firm grip to last through intense physical activity, while not compromising the flexibility needed for comfort and prolonged use.

Because of that, it also acts as a shock absorber, allowing guys in training to never have to worry about easily broken frames again.

Beyond army camps, even if you’re on the basketball court or with a volleyball by the beach, gone is the frustration of that ever-present need to shift your specs, or accidentally bending your frames. We have made Coosh to withstand the impact of harsh environments and to provide well-balanced fits.