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Programme Review - Project Junior

Project Junior is a program by Nanyang Optical to help raise and spread awareness on myopia in children. It is paired with Eyelet Junior, Nanyang Optical’s exclusive eyewear for children.

This program is specially made for children, and to equip parents with knowledge on how to educate and encourage children to take care of their eyes and eyewear.

Under this program, a trained eye care professional provides a thorough eye check for your child through eye checks and the latest technology to determine the eye health of your child and how you should proceed from there.

Then comes the fun part! Your child will be able to choose from a wide variety of frame styles and and colours from Eyelet Junior. Eyelet Junior is made specially for children to be comfortable, durable and stable on the face, even after a full day of wearing them. You can read more about our Eyelet Junior review here

Our eye care professional will also go though an information booklet about myopia with you and your child, and how to slow its progression in children. Our staff will also demonstrate how to care and maintain spectacles, like wiping only with microfibre cloth and keeping them in their case when not in use. We feel that it is necessary to include your child in the educating process so that he/she will know more about myopia, and take personal responsibility for taking care of their eyes and eyewear. Wearing glasses is a lifelong commitment, and it is important to start good habits while they are still young.

At Nanyang Optical, your child’s vision is of utmost important to us, and we want to partner with parents who have children with eye care and eyewear needs. We put priority in training all our staff to be equipped with the latest knowledge about eye care, and to provide excellent customer service. Project Junior is here to ensure your child’s eyes are healthy and well-taken care of. Make an appointment with us today, or email at for to find out more!