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Vision and sports

Vision and Sports Performance

Ever wonder how you missed that sloper, and instead go for that crimp during rock climbing? Or how you could have avoided that hole when cycling? Or how can you misjudge the distance between your ball and the goal hoop?


Studies had shown that there is a correlation between vision and sports performance. Doctors estimate that up to 80% of perceptual input in sports comes from the eyes. Your vision definitely has the potential to affect your performance. These include clarity of sight, motor performance, and information processing. 

Visual skills that are often used in sports include:

  • Visual acuity - which refers to how well you can see at a distance
  • Depth perception - which is the ability to judge the distance between you and an object
  • Contrast sensitivity - the ability to identify and track objects on different background
  • Eye-tracking - the ability to quickly and accurately locate and follow objects
  • Peripheral vision - the ability to use the full extent of your visual field and be aware of the surroundings, other players, and changes on the field
  • Eye-hand-body coordination - how well you can interpret visual input and make a coordinated motor response
  • Accommodation - the flexibility of focusing and the ability to change focus from distant to near targets and vice versa

Every sport requires different levels of visual skills. There are some that can be improved with training, and there are some that can be enhanced with a pair of lenses that are made with sports performance in mind. 

There are lenses such as Hoya Sportive, Shamir Attitude III Sport, and ZEISS Sport lenses that are developed to provide the optimum optical correction for your sports needs. 

Hoya Sport Lenses

Hoya Sportive - the high curve base lenses for sports enthusiasts.

The Hoya Sportive lens is available in both single-vision and progressive. With the high-curved sports lenses, you can enjoy improved peripheral vision,  visual comfort, and a dynamic, stylish look. 

The Sportive lens comes with Hoya's unique prism compensation technology, which the high-curved lenses are optimized for wraparound frames, providing a snug, comfortable fit and protection, and at the same time, optimized vision even when moving fast. 

Why Hoya Sportive lenses

For enhanced performance, upgrade to Hoya Spectrum or Hoya Mirror coating. Ensure that your eyes are protected against harmful UV rays.

For more on Sports and your eyes, read Sports Eye Injuries and Protection. 

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