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By now you are most probably aware that facing the screen for long periods of time can cause eye strains. However, with the modern lifestyles that require the constant use of a computer and depending on smartphones, facing a digital screen is almost inevitable. Don’t worry, here are some tips to guide you on how to keep your vision fresh even in front of a screen.



The ideal distance to keep our eyes from the computer is 51 to 101cm. Most people will find a distance between 51 to 65cm comfortable but it is up to your own preference, as long as it is within the range. Here is a simple hack on how to measure the distance: hold your arm out in front of you while sitting straight in your chair with your fingertips barely reaching the screen. Once you’ve got that distance, you’re good to go! Additionally, your monitor screen should be flat in front of you with the top levelling your eyes, instead of being tilted.



Remember your mother warning you to not sit too close to the TV? Guess what, they were always right! A simple trick to remember when distancing yourself from the TV is to take the width of your television and multiply it by 1.5 times. For example, if your TV is 32 inches wide, find a comfortable spot about 48 inches away. Another recommended tip is to watch TV at a 30-degree viewing angle. Just remember – sitting too close to the TV not only causes eyestrains but impacts your vision depth greatly!



We’re so used to smartphones that we barely even hear people telling us to keep our eyes at a certain distance when viewing them – unlike PCs and TVs. However, therein lies the danger of damaging our vision. The distance between our eyes and our smartphone screens really does matter! Short distances can increase demand on the vision coordination can cause stress to our eyes. According to experts, a healthy distance to keep our smartphones away is 41 to 46cm.


Although we always recommend healthy eye habits, it may not always be convenient to follow these rules to a t. Fortunately, there are apps such as the ones mentioned here, that help reduce stress