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Constant innovation in design has always been one of the important aspects of Nanyang Optical. We strongly believe that it not only brings success to the competitive market, but it also allows us to provide the best for our customers.


Nowadays products are designed in one country, produced in another, and exported to consumers around the world. E-commerce is able to serve consumers without consideration of borders. As such, the effects of strategic differentiators such as branding, service quality and innovation are significantly amplified. Combine this with an increasingly competitive market and businesses have a recipe for a challenge.


As such, Nanyang Optical has always operated with a sustainable, long term-value in mind. As part of our corporate values, we ensure that customers receive the best service and shopping experience. We pay close attention to our customers' needs and wants according to factors like trends, necessities and conveniences. Our Chairman, Mr. Yang Wah Kiang, endlessly scans the horizon for ideations and developments towards creating innovative eyewear designs, which we believe provides us with the competitive edge needed to thrive in such a climate.


One example that showcases how our innovation in design brings success is the Urband and Link. They are conceived by investing in ergonomics-based research and development. Through combining product and fashion design, these frames are marketed towards all age groups – yes, even the elderly who want to feel young at heart. Urband and Link were successfully launched and sold in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe and they won the 2006 iF material award too.


We at Nanyang Optical are proud to showcase our in-house eyewear designs, as they are not only unique, but serve a greater purpose as well. Read on more here to find out more on how innovation spurs us as a key enabler in the optical scene.