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Nanyang Optical has always adopted a customer-service based approach, and never one solely fixated on spectacles. Our wide range of spectacles have always been designed with the consumer’s needs in mind. Despite a competitive optical environment in Singapore, we feel that it is our duty to champion ourselves as the bastion of personalised eye care in Singapore.


But many ask why we adopt this approach. The answer is simply; we want to provide better eyecare for Singaporeans. We believe it’s not just from the product or the service, but the entirety of the experience as well.


Our Chairman, Mr. Yang Wah Kiang, had come from humble beginnings, raised in a lens grinding shop. His interest for designing spectacles piqued as he chose to venture into making design more than just a good look or something that rides the trend-wave. Hence, Nanyang Optical’s in house brands were born – with the core of the mission to provide eyewear solutions for customers who actually required vision aid.


One example is COOSH. Designed primarily for NSMen, COOSH offers technology that helps protect their spectacles from short-term damages such as drops, cracks and scratches. Eyelet Junior as well, was conceived for children and parents alike. The comfort aspect of Eyelet Junior was catered to children, whilst the durability aspect for worried parents.


If you’re keen on learning more about how the ideation, development and conception of Nanyang Optical’s spectacles are crafted out specially for each user profile, you can find out more here!