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We’ve all heard various old wives tales from time to time. “Don’t cut your fingernails on a full moon, don’t snip off your hair on a Tuesday, don’t sleep with your head facing the door…”. With Chinese New Year just around the corner, naturally, we wish the best of luck and prosperity for our families and friends. Whether we are superstitious or not, it never hurts to be slightly more cautious!

Generally, during Chinese New Year, it is considered bad luck to break anything. It is said that breaking an object would result in a huge loss of money or, even worse, a split in close relations. That means being extra careful around fragile objects! And in case you were wondering, yes, that includes glasses as well!

We all know how tireless and energetic our little kids can be. With them running around and playing with their cousins and siblings during Chinese New Year visits, it is highly likely something – if not their spectacles – would drop off and break into pieces sooner or later. But how do we protect our kids’ spectacles?

Firstly, a simple spectacle case would come in handy in this circumstance. Just before your child takes off running, remind him or her to place their glasses into their cases. A more long-term method would be to regularly maintain their spectacle frames – tightening loose screws, replacing the wires or changing of nose pads. Still worried about your child breaking their spectacles this Chinese New Year? Check out some tips on how to impart some proper spectacle care habits to your child here!