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Years of Innovation at Nanyang Optical

We’ve definitely come a long way from a simple lens-grinding and edging workshop in Geylang. Today, we are industry leaders in eyewear innovation, and that has set us above the rest in the competitive eyewear industry.

Our sense of responsibility to the environment and reducing waste has led us to think of designs for frames that do not need screws or soldering, thus reducing carbon emission. This drive for constant innovation has led us to many “firsts”.

Nature Eyes is the first eco-friendly eyewear in Singapore, and the world, with all glasses made from recycled titanium and recycled acetate, and responsibly-sourced wood. Our Eyelet brand is the world’s first soft-lock system that uses nylon string to join the frame to the temple. Urband glasses are made with our patented S-clip that “clips” the frames to the temples instead of using screws.

These innovations has have led us to win awards like the coveted iF Material Award in 2009, and a nominee at the Silmo d’Or Innovation Award in 2017. We have become internationally recognised in the eyewear industry for always thinking one step ahead for designs.

Innovation is our motivation. With every new pair of glasses we design and produce, we incorporate something distinct, something different. Every day, we look for a new way to improve eyewear, and improve the lives of everyone who wear it.

60 years of innovation, and we are still learning and improving. The best is yet to come.

Watch our anniversary video, or read more about our history here!