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Product Review - Nature Eyes

You read about it on the news and you see it on the television, all the waste that just continues to pile up and affects the environment around us.

At Nanyang Optical, we want to do our part for the environment together with you. Nature Eyes incorporates all of these by providing sustainable eyewear made recycled materials that are still fashionable, functional and durable. We are the first brand to introduce eco-friendly solutions in optics and eyewear.

Our wood collection is extremely sustainable as we use sheets of wood from trees from specific plantations that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. These plantation are specially reserved for the eco-label wood industry, so we do not contribute to the deforestation of our planet.

We collect used titanium frames, and add it to industrial leftover, recycling them into sheets of titanium. These sheets of recycled titanium are the used to make our eyewear and other eyewear components. Recycled titanium is strong and durable, and does not harm the planet in the process of being made.

The most common material we use for our eyewear collections is cellulose acetate. This material is not eco-friendly to produce so we manufacture recycled acetate from used acetate frames and industrial acetate left-over.

Recycling is the best way we can reduce waste, and create sustainable eyewear, while still maintaining a high standard of innovation, fashion and comfort for all our collections, no matter what material.

Join the green revolution of eyewear! We all can contribute in our own little ways to save the planet. Nature Eyes is eco-friendly, and extremely chic. It’s a win-win for you and the planet. Get your sustainable Nature Eyes glasses from Nanyang Optical, or find out more about what we do from our eye care consultants.